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februarie 8, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Diverse) ()

Le-am bolduit pe cele in care am inceput sa cred:))… PS nu o sa le bolduiesc pe alea cu berea, ca nu beau bere (Bacardi Raz ftw!)… dar maj se aplica celor care beau so…:)

You know you’ve been in Denmark too long if…
You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
You think its normal to pick up a girl in a pub, walk her to her bike and ride with her back home.
You think its impolite to sit next to someone in a bus if there is a bench where you can sit on your own.

You go to the supermarket and buy three good beers and 10 not too good ones.
You can open a beer bottle with almost anything. (am vazut oameni la care se aplica faza asta…)

You honestly believe that the distance between Copenhagen and Aalborg is long.
You can tell the difference between a Grøn Tuborg and a Carlsberg beer.
The first thing you do on entering a bank/post office/pharmacy etc. is to look for the queue number machine.
You accept that you will have to queue to take a queue number.
When a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that:
a. he is drunk;
b. he is insane;
c. he is British;
d. he is all of the above.

Silence is fun.
It no longer seems excessive to spend 800 kr. on alcohol in a single night.
You know that "religious holiday" means "let’s get pissed".
You use "Mmmm" as conversation filler.
The word "yes" is an intake of breath.
You have only two facial expressions, smiling or blank
Traditional dinners may not necessarily mean a cooked meal.
You forget how to open canned beer.
V-am pupat,


2 comentarii

  1. jon said,

    Era bine să împarÅ£i însemnarea în mai multe… Eu unul m-am plictisit după jumătate de oră de citit 😛 Altfel multe mi se par normale, sper că nu mă transform în danez 😛

  2. sidryane said,

    o sa fac un notepad cu "citeste mai departe" cand o sa am timp… am vazut ca e lunga…

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